Go Wish is a communication activity designed to make it easier for a family member, a caregiver, or a health provider to understand what a loved one wants done when life is ending. However, it is also used with perfectly healthy people who want family members to know what they would like when their lives are threatened by injury or disease. Go Wish consists of choosing and discussing cards on which individual end of life issues are presented. Each Go Wish deck contains 42 content cards and two “Wild cards”. Each content card addresses a separate end of life issue. Quite aside from the Go Wish communication activity, the cards can also be used to play poker and various rummy games that can be played with a poker deck. Playing games with the Go Wish cards after the communication process has taken place provides another opportunity for reflecting upon and perhaps adding further clarification to issues raised during the Go Wish communication activity. Playing card games with the Go Wish cards before the communication process can arouse curiosity about and serve as an incentive to participate in the Go Wish activity. Each deck contains instructions in both Vietnamese and English, so they can be used independently.